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What is the drawing factory?

The Drawing Factory is a studio-lab research center for people who wants to get involve with the art of drawing. Here students can learn how to draw at any level, connect with other people, participate in discussions or research projects and share their works to the community. Our purpose is to provide nouveau practicing techniques, extract their inner creativity and make students understand what are they trying to accomplish when they draw. 

Here you'll find all the materials and instruments required for you to practice. Students only need to enroll in any of our available Plans or by choosing a class in our specifics Sessions.

By promoting research, exchanging information and, of course, encouraging to practice like there's no tomorrow, we are seeking every one's potential and give them the tools to level up their skills. Our goal is to push forward and experiment with new ways of learning about this ancient form of art. 



Learn the basics!

Our Full Program Plan is carefully tailor made for any artist (beginner, intermediate or advance) who want to improve his skill. Here you will learn the basics concepts of how to draw from scratch, no matter if you don't have any previous knowledge. We also offer a Free Drawing Plan (Monthly fee) for students who want a place to practice frequently; or a One Day Pass Access just for specific dates. Our Crew is prepared to give you the support you need at any level. They'll teach you our proven methodology with guided exercises to help you in your required area of learning, depending on the plan you select.



create your own program!

Sessions is one of our signature features of The Drawing Factory. Here you can choose among a great selection of sessions that will teach you not only new techniques but in creative ways. You are free to study what you need to study to get better. We believe that in drawing every subject matters but time too. That's why we design this method to cover all the subjects of drawing focusing in what you need to learn right away. Our Sessions are elaborated with interesting topics that will make you not only draw as well but unleash your imagination and explore other ways to conceptualize it. Every session has a period of duration, so stay tune to see which of them are open to participate.


Be Part Of Us!

The Drawing Factory was created to gather a community. Every artist has his own style. We want to know about it. We want to learn from it. And, we want to share it. It is very important for us to hear what you have to say (or draw, for that is). Send to us your work and we'll publish it in our Social Media. Register to our newsletter for more information of what are we doing, new sessions, events and more. Be part of a generation of artist who want to push off the limits of the way we learn drawing today. You just have to do what you love.